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Have you ever wanted straight teeth but did not want to wear braces? Braces can be uncomfortable and unsightly. They are hard to keep clean and can cause mouth sores. Invisalign is an excellent alternative to braces.

Irvine Dentist, Dr. Wayne Wu is a certified provider of Invisalign clear braces. By using a series of custom made clear aligners your teeth can be straightened to give you that smile you have been waiting for.

Precise impressions and photographs are taken of your teeth. These are sent to the Invisalign lab where a digital 3D model of your teeth is made. Dr. Wu will then evaluate the proposed treatment and expected outcomes.

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Clear aligners for teeth

The aligners are then fabricated and you will be ready to start treatment. Every 2 weeks, you will wear a new aligner which will move your teeth progressively. You may remove aligners each time you eat and each time you brush and floss your teeth. This makes it super easy to keep your teeth clean. No more getting food stuck on your braces. The aligners fit so well and are made so thin that most people say they don’t even realize they have their aligners on.

Care and maintenance of the aligners is easy. You can simply brush them with a toothbrush. Every 2 weeks you get to wear a brand new aligner.

They can be removed for eating, drinking, cleaning your teeth, and for formal occasions. We recommend that you wear the aligners at least 22 hours a day for optimal results.

If you are interested in Invisalign, please call our office at (949)788-0088 and schedule a consultation.

Invisalign vs Braces


Immediately notify us of the aligner number you need and we can have Invisalign make us a new one to replace it.

Invisalign creates a 3D proposal of your treatment. This proposal is called a Clincheck. We have a consultation appointment with you to review this and you will see what the outcome will look like before you approve aligner manufacturing.

These functions just like the grab hooks on a wall climb to help the traction of the aligner on the teeth. The aligner will engage the attachment to ensure the proper movement of the tooth. These small tooth colored attachments are bonded to the tooth and are visually not much noticeable by other people.